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Roof Weatherseal Drain Area Seal


  1. Starting at the upper roof weatherseal retainer, apply silicone sealant around the roof seal drain channel tab.

  2. Smooth silicone sealant out and around the drain channel tab using your index finger.

  3. Make sure there are no gaps or holes in the sealant. Pay close attention to the roof molding areas. Note: Be sure not to over fill drain channel with silicone sealant as this will restrict the flow of water out of the upper roof drain.

    This completes the upper roof drain at the roof weatherstrips to prevent leakage into the interior.


Weatherseals incorporate breather holes which are located on the back side of the weatherseal which fit into the weatherseal retainers. Use these breather holes to build out the weatherseal from the inside. This achieves a greater weatherseal compression. The holes are located at the upper and lower "A" & "B" pillar roof weatherseal. Also at the end of each t-roof glass panel rail weatherseal. These breather holes can assist you in stopping wind noise and water leaks at the lower "A" & "B" pillars. Use a stuffing of the same quality as the weatherseal. Caution: Too much close cell foam stuff could cause problems, such as push out on the door glass at the top, leaving gaps at the portion of the weatherseals to the door glass. Also higher door closing effort could occur.

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