Pontiac Fiero T-Top Registry

Front Outer Roof Molding & P-Seal Removal, Sealing & Installation


  1. Remove glass panels & place on a protective surface.

  2. Using a body filler squeegee, separate the p-seal from the molding exposing six rivets. Note: The p-seal is not reusable.

  3. Using a putty knife or similar tool, push down on the roof weatherseal while drilling out each rivet. Note: The putty knife will keep the weatherseal from being damaged while drilling.

  4. Carefully lift the molding up & away from the vehicle.


  1. Apply a 1/8" bead of liquid butyl across the top front flange of the t-roof frame. Also apply butyl sealant to all previously drilled holes.

  2. Center the molding to the t-roof frame by matching the end of the molding to the edge of the roof skin.

  3. Holding the molding tight to the roof skin, dirll six 1/8" dia. holes thru molding & t-roof frame assembly. Note: If original holes are to be reused, locate & align original holes.

  4. Fasten molding to the t-roof fram using 1/8" dia sealed rivets.

  5. Center p-seal to molding & remove paper backing and apply p-seal to molding. Keep the bulb portion of the p-seal flush with the top of the molding.

  6. Using a body filler squeegee, smooth p-seal against the molding.

  7. Reseal roof drain. Refer to page 10.

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