Pontiac Fiero T-Top Registry
Rear Outer Molding P-Seal Removal Sealing & Installation


  1. Remove t-roof glass panels & place on a protective surface.

  2. Using a body filler squeegee, separate p-seal from molding exposing six 1/8" dia rivets. Note: The p-seal is not reusable.

  3. Using a putty knife or similar tool, push down on roof weatherseal while drilling out rivets. Note: This will keep the weatherseal from being damaged while drilling.

  4. Carefully lift the molding up & away from the vehicle.


  1. Apply a bead of 1/4" liquid butyl to the area between the roof skin & the top flange of the t-roof frame assembly. Also apply butyl sealant to all previously drilled holes. Note: Use caution when applying butyl across the top flange area as not to fill the rear drain troughs.

  2. Mark the locations of the six ribs in the frame assembly.

  3. Center the molding to the t-roof matching the ends of the moldings to the sweep of the character lines of the rear roof skin. By slipping the six clips on the molding between the frame assembly & the roof skin.

  4. Drill six 1/8" dia. holes thru the molding & thru the frame assembly at the six previously marked locations.

  5. Fasten the molding to the t-roof frame assembly using 1/8" sealed rivets.

  6. Center the p-seal to the molding, remove paper backing & apply p-seal to molding. Keep the bulb portion of the p-seal flush with the top of the molding. Trim end of the p-seal and tuck approx. 1/4" of the seal under the outer edge of the molding.

  7. Using a body filler squeegee, smooth p-seal against the molding.

  8. Reseal roof drain, refer to page 10.

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