Pontiac Fiero T-Top Registry
Headliner Removal & Installation


  1. Remove "A" & "B" pillar trim caps. Refer to page 13.

  2. Remove "A" pillar moldings.

  3. Remove domelight, visors, coat hooks, & third tail light assembly.

  4. Remove seat belt harness screw at the "B" pillar of the qtr. trim panel and pull the panel inward.

  5. Remove the weatherseals around the t-roof openings. Note: Use a weatherstrip glue release agent to keep from damaging the weatherseals.

  6. Carefully loosen the fabric from the t-roof openings, lower the headliner, shifting it from side to side. Freeing it from the qtr. trim panels.

  7. Retain all parts and fasteners in a clean area. Note: Use caution when handling the headliner as the backing breaks very easy which could cause wrinkles in the covering.


  1. Place the headliner into the vehicle using caution not to break the backing material.

  2. Position the headliner into the qtr. trim panels & install the "A" pillar moldings.

  3. Locate the visor mounting holes & install visors.

  4. Make sure headliner is properly positioned at the t-roof openings & install coat hooks, third tail light assembly and domelight.

  5. Spray trim adhesive on the gabric backing the headliner & the frame assembly around the roof opening. Note: Be sure to clean any foreign material or particals from the frame assembly prior to spraying any adhesive. This will insure against lumps when installation is complete.

  6. Evenly pull and wrap the fabric around the t-roof opening.

  7. Install the weatherseal back into the retainer using weathership adhesive. Refer to page 8.

  8. Replace any silicone sealant pulled loose from the roof drain channel area. Refer to page 10.

  9. Replace "A" & "B" pillar trim caps. Refer to page 13.

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