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Proper weatherseal alignment is necessary when reinstallation the t-roof glass panels. Misalignment in some cases could cause the weatherseals at the "A" & "B" butt joints to take a permanent set or memory in an incorrect position. If proper weatherseal is not completed when installing, a water leak could occur at the "A" & "B" butt joint.


To remove the glass panels, unlock either hatch lock and unlatch the handle assembly. Raise the metal edge of panel (side closest to you) about 30 degrees in relationship with the roof line. Carefully pull the panel toward you.

Close the latch handle and place in protective storage bags and place in trunks.

To install the glass panel open either lock & place inside edge of glass panel under center frame. Position the outboard edge of rail and align the latch pins with the holes in the trim caps and close the handle. Press in the lock to engage. Position & assure butt joints are aligned properly as shown.

Note: It may be necessary to open doors while closing door glass to achieve best weatherseal at side glass. It is recommended that the panels are locked at all time when in vehicles.


Rubber weatherstrip: A monthly application of 100% silicone spray or gel will keep the weatherstrip soft and flexable to maintain its proper sealing against the elements and wind noise.

Frame: To retain the luster and finish, clean frame with mild soap & water. Keep drain channels free of foreign material to prevent proper water run-off. (Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasives that might scratch or damage frame.)

Latch mechanism: Periodically lubricate latch lever at mounting points with light all purpose oil to prevent rust or binding.

Glass panels: Standard glass cleaner or mild soap & water may be used to clean glass panels. (Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasives that may scratch or damage the glass panels or tint.)

Glass seal alignment: A quick visual inspecition of the side rail rubber is recommended to assure proper door glass seal and to assure butt joints are aligned properly.

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