Pontiac Fiero T-Top Registry
T-Roof Glass Panel Alignment

  1. Remove glass panel & place on a protective surface.

  2. Remove latch assembly cover by removing two screws at each end. Push in on lock with handle in the open position and lift cover over lock and latch pins. Retain screws and cover for reinstallation.

  3. Place glass panel into vehicle to determine which adjustments are necessary. Note: Look for signs of trim cap damage to aid you in determining which area is suspect.

  4. Locate adjustment plates at either end of glass panel.

  5. Loosen screws on latch rod adjustment plates.

  6. Moving the latch rod toward the glass panel will lower the siderail into the vehicle. Moving the latch rod away from the glass panel will raise the siderail form the vehicle. Note: Make adjustments necessary to insure easy installation and proper sealing quality to the roof weatherseal.

  7. Place glass panel in vehicle to check adjustments made.

  8. Replace retained latch covers & screws.

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