Pontiac Fiero T-Top Registry
Weatherseal Removal

  1. Remove glass panels and place on a protective surface.

  2. Remove & retain "A" & "B" pillar trim caps & screws.

  3. Remove four screws on lower "A" & "B" pillars.

  4. Using a small putty knife or similar tool, remove the weatherseals from the retainers. Note: If a small portion of the weatherseal is to be removed for refitting, spray and adhesive release agent (3M or equivalent) under the edge of the weatherseal and let soak.

  5. To remove entire seal, start at the "B" pillar and work around to the "A" pillar lifting seal up out of the retainers.

  6. Clean all excess weatherseal and silicone sealant from retainers and ends of drain channels.

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