Pontiac Fiero T-Top Registry
Weatherseal Installation

  1. Apply weatherstrip adhesive to the "A" & "B" pillar and roof weatherseal retainers.

  2. Starting at the "B" pillar, install the seal into the seal retainers. Using a body filler squeegee or similar tool, tuck the weatherseal into the retainer working upward.

  3. Continue by installing the weatherseal into the "A" pillar retainer. Untwist the seal at the roof opening and tuck the "A" pillar weatherseal into the retainer working downward. Note: pay special attention to the fit at the base of the "A" pillar where the two retainers join.

  4. Complete by installing the seal around the roof opening. Note: Start at the "A" pillar area pulling the weatherseal inward. Shift excess weatherseal around at the center to eliminate creases. Do not cut out excess.

  5. Reinstall four screws into the base of the "A" & "B" pillars to furthere secure the weatherseal in those areas. Note: There is a weatherseal adjustment plate to secure the weatherseal at the upper "B" pillar, use this adjustment to raise the weatherseal to insure a tight fit to the t-roof glass panel rail weatherseal.

  6. Check the fit of the weatherseals by closing the doors with the door glass in the full up position. There should be a snug fit along the entire length of the weatherseal especially at the "A" & "B" pillars. Note: it is important for the weatherseal to raise slightly at the top of the "A" pillar. To achieve this, pull the seal inward at the roof opening. This will ensure a tight fit in the t-roof glass panel rail weatherseal.

  7. Check sealing qualities with the t-roof glass panel rail weatherseal.

  8. Glue the over lapping flap of the roof weatherseal to the lower door weatherseal. Note: An application of the silicone sealant to the end of the flap will help conture the over lap to the lower door seal to prevent leakage at this seam.

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