Pontiac Fiero T-Top Registry
Glass Panel Siderail Weatherseal Removal & Installation


  1. Remove glass panel assembly and place on a protective surface.

  2. Remove latch assembly cover by removing two screws at each end. Push in on lock with handle in the open position and lift cover over lock and latch pins. Retain screws & cover for reinstallation.

  3. Remove the two scrws at each end of the side rail weatherseals and retain for reinstallation.

  4. Remove the weatherseal using a small putty knife or smiliar tool.

  5. Clean remaining excess sealant and weatherseal from the weatherseal retainer and the tab arms.


  1. Apply weathership adhesive along the entire length of the weatherseal retainer.

  2. Center and tuck the weatherseal in place using a body filler squeegee or similar tool. Note: Make sure siderail weatherseal corresponds with the glass panel by checking RH or LH markings on weatherseal tabs.

  3. Check weatherseal location by placing glass panel back into vehicle.

  4. Slide siderail weatherseal snug against the "A" & "B" pillar roof weatherseal.

  5. Install the two screws into each end of the weatherseal retainer. Note: This will retain the weatherseal in the required position until the adhesive dries.

  6. Remove glass panels and place on a protective surface.

  7. Glue seal end tabs to rail using weatherstrip adhesive. Note: Make sure tabs match the angle of the roof weatherseal. Hold in place until dry.

  8. Apply a bead of silicone around the tabs paying close attention to the retainer and shingle seal area.

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